Wednesday, July 25, 2007

List of Topics

* The Great Armenian Economic Boom

Armenia leads the way in economic development, ahead of all other Republics of the Former Soviet Union. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is at the head of the charge. But is it all what the Armenian authorities would have you to believe?

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* Who owns the Yerevan Water Utility?

If you are following my efforts with the World Bank’s Department of Institutional Integrity, for them to send a team to Armenia and investigate the Municipal Development Project, then you will see that I make an issue about a ‘Security Agreement’ which the Yerevan Water & Sewerage Company should have entered into with the Ministry of Finance & Economy, pledging its assets against the World Bank loan. This is of considerable significance, and our children will thank us - if we can succeed?

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* The Never-Ending Sugar Saga

Running up to the recent Parliamentary elections the media was filled with all manner of impressive new investment projects for Armenia; oil exploration, a new oil refinery, production of high-tech products, and the return of the Armenian sugar industry. The latter is of particular interest -

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* A New Ethanol Industry for Armenia

The World Bank in Armenia refers to ethanol as a high-quality ecologically clean renewable fuel substitute. It’s made from a variety of vegetable Feedstock and now it’s cheaper and better than gasoline. Through the past five years, a World Leader in Ethanol Technology has studied the potential for Armenia and is now ready to invest in a Sustainable Armenian Ethanol Industry, using Sugar Beets as the Agricultural Feedstock.

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* Going Underground

Walking through Yerevan’s North Eastern Parkway and trying to navigate a passage around the Nalbandian Street construction site, I was prompted to think more deeply about why our authorities had decided to apparently spend a not insignificant amount of money and the best part of two years, digging up two major intersections to make a couple of pedestrian underpasses.
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* A Parliamentary Commission Study

In January 2004, an 'Ad-Hoc' Parliamentary Commission initiated a study into the World Bank financed Municipal Development Project. The International Operator was involved in a wide-ranging program of Fraud and Corruption, plus a scheme to Embezzle Tens of Millions of Dollars of Public Funds

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* Pumping up the Pressure

In 2004 a study into the Yerevan Water Company found that the Company Management was abusing the water system by pumping up the pressure in the distribution pipeline. After a period of lobbying the water authorities, a program to upgrade Yerevan’s system of Booster Pumps was agreed and the water pressure in the distribution pipeline was reduced to its original design level.

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* Heating 21 Schools in Syunik Marz

This program is associated with the work with the Armenian State Water Committee, when the water authorities were persuaded to reduce the water pressure in Yerevan’s distribution pipeline and to upgrade the system of Booster Pumps.

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* My First Taste of Armenia

My first taste of Armenia was actually in Russia, when I spent several months with Bagrad, an Artic fellow doing business in Voronezh. Bagrad and I did a bit of business together and in 1992 he and his wife spent a few weeks at my home in the UK.

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